Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man, Issue 700 - Another Comic Book Stunt

“The Amazing Spider-Man – Issue 700” came out this week. Anyone else not care about the death of Peter Parker?

I thought so.

This is all part of yet another comic book event (or stunt) and showcases the absolute failure of most comic book writers. Not only that, it’s been done before, with Peter Parker no less, and it’s old news.

I think that writers and comic book companies should have a set of rules to follow when they decide to kill off a character. And since I’ve suggested it, I might as well provide the rules.

So here they are:

The Writer’s Rules for Killing Off A Fictional Character 

1. Don’t kill off a character unless you intend to keep that character dead. If you still think it’s a good idea, think about why you created that character in the first place, what role they fill, and what will be lost when they are gone forever. You cannot bring them back! Doing that cheapens the death and dilutes your brand.

2. If you want to kill off a character, and then revive them for the purposes of a story, pre-plan the conclusion in advance. The “death” must be used as a plot device to supplement your own original ideas, not as the only plot point, or overarching theme of the story. It’s been done too many times to ever be original. More importantly, you must not advertise your story as “The Death of a Character” if you know they are coming back. Readers don’t like being lied to.

3. If you still want to kill off a character off, advertise it as “The Death of a Character” and then bring them back as part of a marketing stunt, think up a better story and win over readers with quality writing. If you can’t think up a story that doesn’t involve a marketing event, you are not yet ready to write original fiction.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pictures From The Super MegaFest Comic Convention

The Boston Super MegaFest comic convention is New England’s largest multimedia fan-fest, and Perro Worldwide Comics was there.

Appearing at the Convention from Perro Worldwide:

1. Chip Perro
2. Rick Perro
3. The Top Ten PWC Hero Cast Finalists

The event was a great chance to mingle with PWC fans and talk about everything happening at Perro Worldwide Comics.

And now, without further ado, the pictures from the event!

At the Perro Worldwide Comics Booth.  From left to right:  Thais Vieira, Chip Perro, Sarah Michelle, Rick Perro  

Left to right:  Chip Perro, Adam Mallett & Ryan Paulk.  If you look close, you you can see both Sarah Michelle and Thais Vieira smiling in the back.

Left to right:  Thais Vieira and Sarah Michelle.

Left to right:  Adam Mallett and Thais Vieira.

Left to right:  Ryan Paulk and Sarah Michelle.

Left to right:  Chip Perro, Thais Vieira, Ryan Paulk, Sarah Michelle, and Adam Mallett.

Left to right:  Chip Perro, Thais Vieira, Ryan Paulk, Sarah Michelle, and Adam Mallett.

Left to right:  Chip Perro, Thais Vieira, Ryan Paulk, Sarah Michelle, and Adam Mallett.