Thursday, September 25, 2014

Origin Stories

I’m in the middle of production on the Tessa Faux origin comic, and it’s looking fantastic!  The 40 page issue tells the complete story of how Tessa Faux, Cherry Pie, and Apple Orchard came to be.  It’s a dramatic adventure with lots of twists and turns.  But…  If you think the beginning is thrilling, just wait until you see what happens after Tessa Faux puts on the cape! 

And shouldn’t that be the most important part?  What happens next?  An origin serves to tell the details of a character before the real story begins.  If we focus too much on the story before the story, we’ll miss out on what these characters are really all about.

Unfortunately, today, with Hollywood so involved in superhero properties, we’re seeing the origin take center stage, with little story dedicated to superhero characters already established.

On screen, superhero characters walk through their origins in the first film, and rarely make it past a third movie, before getting rebooted.  The Amazing Spider-man is a perfect example of this, but it’s not the first movie to retell an origin again and again.

On television, we watched ten seasons of Smallville, with Clark donning the costume in only the last few minutes of the series finale.  And just this past Monday, Gotham premiered, which features a very young Bruce Wayne, and ultimately, Batman without Batman.

Over and over, creators talk about how interesting origin stories can be, and how it’s possibly the most fascinating aspect of superhero characters.  I think it’s due to a lack of creativity.  If the most compelling story is a hero’s rise, then it doesn't say much for the hundreds of post-origin story written in comics week after week.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Filming The Trailer For HHS: Power Trio

Today was quite the day!

A highlight, no doubt, was the filming of the trailer for High Heel Samurai:  Power Trio.  Jena Walsh was on set, and the scene for the trailer required her to display some very difficult martial arts techniques.

I'd like to see the trailer online in the next few weeks.  It'll be that first peek at the next evolution of High Heel Samurai, and it's beyond exciting!

I'm in the strange position of wanting to say more, but knowing that doing so would spoil all the surprises in the show.  That's why, today, I thought I'd reveal one big secret about the upcoming High Heel Samurai:  Power Trio and Mission Park:  Street Stories.

They're connected!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Monday Auditions for Mission Park: Street stories

On Monday, casting began for Mission Park:  Street Stories.  There is so much work to be done for this project.  It's a big one, and the audition alone was huge.  Actors from all over New England came in and read for leading and supporting superhero roles.

One of the reasons Mission Park:  Street Stories is so exciting is because of the realism.  Not in the story (Which plays out like a sci-fi crime drama) but in how the project is being filmed.  We're going back to basics with the action, with very little CGI, and a focus on practical stunts and effects!

The audition didn't follow the typical formula.  Sure, the actors read sides (a selection from the script) but they also participated in a traditional Karate class.  Because these roles require a certain amount of martial arts skill, it's important to find actors who are interested in not just the dialog, but also the movement!

One of the biggest scenes in Mission Park:  Street Stories involves a massive fight that will largely be accomplished practically.  We can't say much right now, but when Mission Park:  Street Stories is released, you'll see superhero action in a completely real and practical way that has never been done before! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Labor Day

Yesterday was Labor Day.  A holiday celebrating the American labor movement.  Everyone gets the day off, and for most students, it’s the last day of summer vacation.

I always think of Labor Day as the first day of Fall.  I also think of it as the unofficial start of the year.  We all know that it really begins in January, but September is the month when everything seems to start over fresh.

Students go back to school, the fantastic holiday season from Halloween-Christmas kicks off, and all the new TV shows are back from the summer hiatus.  It’s an exciting month!

I spent my Labor Day rendering a sequence for both:  Mission Park:  Street Stories and High Heel Samurai:  Power Trio.  Though they are two very different shows, they share a connection, and one single scene will unite them in the very first moments.

What is that scene?  All I can say is that it is set in space!