Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mission Park Street Stories Symbols

This week has been non-stop busy.  We've been holding cast costume fittings and photo-shoots for Mission Park:  Street Stories.  We've also managed to fit in multiple training sessions to continue working out the stunts and action!

Everything is looking wildly cool, and you can see for yourself with this picture of the Chris Ember and Tessa Faux symbols as they will appear in Mission Park Street Stories!


Shiny, silver, and black, these symbols will compliment the tone of the series perfectly!  We're adding a whole new dimension to Team Mission Park, and the coloring of these logos is a part of it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mission Park Street Stories Cast Reading

This week, we held a cast reading for Mission Park:  Street Stories.  On set were: (yours truly) Chip Perro, Kacie Clinton, Kim Collazo, Christine Celozzi, and Jin Yang Brancalhao.

With the cast sitting around a small table, the reading began.  Immediately, it was exciting to see the story come alive.  Without any costumes, sets, or action, it was already obvious.  The show is looking amazing!

After the read through, we blocked out a short action scene that will take place in a car in the second episode.  Timing is everything, and from the beginning, it was clear that the cast has what it takes to come together for those crucial scenes!

It's exciting to see the script begin to come alive.  The story literally jumps off the page, and even though I've seen it happen countless times, it's always magic!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Humid Stunt Training

It's been a particularly humid month here in Boston.  Not just a regular humidity, where it's hot and sticky.  I'm talking about an intense, heavy humidity that feels like it's weighing you down with an extra ten pounds all over.

For that reason, this past week of stunt training has been exceptionally tiresome.  Even without the humidity, blocking a fight scene is quite the workout.  But with the humidity, well, it becomes something completely different.

Last week, I wrote a little bit about what it takes to successfully land a role as a PWC Superhero, and this week, I'm writing about what it takes to follow through.

Despite the humidity, everyone powered on.  Scenes were blocked, and the action is looking exceptional.  This is the passion shining through, even on the hottest of days.  And it makes every moment on set, even when it's unbearably humid, an absolute pleasure!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The "Mission Park: Street Stories" Casting Process

Over the last several weeks, we've held regular auditions for a very important project.

We're casting for Mission Park:  Street Stories, and to stay on schedule, all leading parts need to be cast within the next two weeks.

Already cast are the immensely talented:  Jin Yang Brancalhao, Christine Celozzi, and Kim Collazo.  Yours truly will be reprising the role of Chris Ember, which leaves one final role still available.  It's an important role, an absolute fan favorite, and if you haven't already guessed that it's Tessa Faux, you're at least one step behind.

What makes Mission Park:  Street Stories so different from anything else you've seen in the Perro Worldwide Universe is a twist so radical, you'll never suspect it coming.  It's going to require nuanced performances, and only the most talented actors will be able to pull it off.

But what does it take to score a leading role?  In a word, passion!  We're looking for enthusiasm!  We're looking for energy!  We're looking for fire!  Acting is hard work.  The hours are long, and the work is exhausting, but it's also a thrilling creative process from start to finish, which is why all the blood, sweat, and tears are well worth it.  If an actor is missing that essential enthusiasm, energy, and fire, something is very wrong.

We're also looking to see something unique.  It can't be easily described, but it's something that shows us the actor we're watching isn't like every other actor waiting to audition.  At Perro Worldwide, we call this the Hero-Factor.  And it's essential!

Mix that enthusiasm, energy, and fire with the hero-factor, and we've found ourselves a star!  At Perro Worldwide, we call our leading actors True-Heroes because the work required to play a PWC role demands it.  They work hard to embody the characters, doing everything from playing the part in front of the camera, to training behind the scenes, learning how to fight and move like a superhero should.  All actors play a role when they're in front of the camera, but a True-Hero needs to have something within.  Those are, and always will be, the only actors we cast at Perro Worldwide Comics.