Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Writing Process

I'm writing an upcoming episode of Mission Park Street Stories. It's turning out rather nicely, and today I thought I'd talk about the writing process.

Though, as I think about it, "the" writing process implies that there is only one correct way in which a person can write something. Maybe more accurately, I'm going to talk about my writing process.

I'm not a big fan of outlines or scene breakdowns. I find that they limit the creative possibilities. I do have a general story idea for each episode, but it's much more exciting to begin writing without any restrictions on scene.  

As I write, it's almost as if I am reading along, because I don't know what is going to happen next. Sometimes I feel like the characters are writing the story themselves. This all might sound a little crazy, especially if you're not a writer, but it makes sense to me.  

I think that if you know your characters, you know how they behave, and when you put them in different situations, it's easy to step into their shoes, and write what they'll do next. The choices that they make can open up new possibilities, and I'm often very surprised by where the story goes.  

After my first draft is written (outline free) I go back and re-focus the plot. Often, I'll have numerous plot-points and side-stories that need to be trimmed, or cut entirely, because they don't necessarily fit in with the larger story that I decided to tell.

I always save what I cut, because sometimes there are great scenes that can be used in future episodes. I have a whole folder filled with "b-stories" that might one day be inserted into a new script.

When I'm done re-focusing the story, I go through one more revision, where I clean up the entire script.  After that, I have a fresh episode, ready to be filmed.

So there it is...  My writing process!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Website Updates

We made some big updates to the Perro Worldwide Comics website over the weekend.  Listed here, are all the updates, ordered by page:

1.  Front Page:  The video window has been updated with a new preview picture.

2.  Comics Page:  The comics page has been updated with an all new key-splash image.

3.  Film & TV Page:  Probably the biggest change, the Film page and the TV page have been merged together. This allows us to showcase all live-action PWC projects in order of release, without visitors having to switch back and forth between two pages. The video window has been updated with a new preview picture, and we improved navigation to each of the movie and television mini-sites, to make the viewing experience more seamless.  The Film & TV Page also received a new key-splash image.

4.  Fashion Page:  We added an all new fashion page to the Perro Worldwide Comics website. On this page, we are showcasing PWC fashions, and we have new and improved direct links to the PWC Style & Living mini-site, as well as links to the all new PWC Style Store.  Like the Comics page and Film & TV page, the Fashion Page also received a new key-splash image.

There will be some minor updates taking place throughout the week as we finalize these changes, so check back regularly to see what's new!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Read, watch, repeat.

As someone who works in the comic industry, I make it a point to read and watch as much comic & sci-fi entertainment as possible.

It's a definite job-perk, but I don't like everything that I read and watch. In-fact, there are some things that I absolutely loathe... I won't name names. I watch it all because it helps me to be a better writer and director.

For most comic creators, their love of the medium begins with a single character. It's a great start, and it's certainly the reason that I got into the industry. But I quickly realized that if I was going to be working in this business, I needed to know about everything that came before and everything currently being released.

I suppose I'm bringing all this up because, yesterday, I found myself organizing the shelves that house my comic and sci-fi movie/television collection. I had to smile as certain titles caught my eye, because there are some really great selections on that shelf, as well as some really terrible selections. But I know them all, and it's given me a deeper understanding of the entire genre. 

My advice this week is simple. If you're looking to become the next big comic sensation, knowing your industry is a must!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Constance Faux

Our June splash picture features Constance Faux.  But who is Constance?  Put simply, she's an all new character, and she's going to be playing an important role in upcoming episodes of Mission Park Street Stories.

Friday, June 3, 2016

During Production

This week has been very busy because we're moving the entire Perro Worldwide Comics studio to a bigger space.

It's been a surprisingly reflective experience because every single object in the studio reminds me of exciting times during production.

I've always thought it was interesting how entire worlds are created on a set, and how after production wraps, everything is broken down as though nothing ever happened.

I'll have more to say next week...  Right now, I have some light-stands to move.